Kimono Yukata are Japanese traditional robes and are now popular around the world for those who want to feel a sense of Japanese culture and life. Our Kimono is ideal for women, men, and kids looking for a new style of Kimono, which is much easier to get dressed. Is it your first Kimono to try? If so you can bet this is your perfect choice. You must be satisfied with our 100% Japan-made quality, yet affordable offerings. Please enjoy!

HANABI means fireworks in Japanese. We Japanese have a mental picture of people in colorful yukata robes watching beautiful but fleeting fireworks being set off.

This is a scene that has continued for hundreds of years, when samurai with chonmage and people in beautiful yukata robes of various colors gathered by the riverside to enjoy fireworks at summer festivals. This scene continues to this day.

While respecting tradition, it is also important not to stop evolving so that it can continue long into the future. Our corporate vision is to evolve our robes so that they can be enjoyed by people all over the world by making them more durable and easy to care for, while maintaining their beautiful designs that are unaffected by the changing times.