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Cotton Velcro OBI - One Touch Belt -

Cotton Velcro OBI - One Touch Belt -

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All Kimono, Yukata and Happi Coat comes with an obi belt made from the same material. If you would like to arrange your fashion with the different color, how about a optional sash?

There is no need to take time to tie obi. You can attach this obi belt easily with one-touch velcro tape. The cotton with fine texture is used for the outer material, which makes the item well-designed. It fits together well with YUKATA. 

WAIST SIZE (over clothes)
: 29.5 - 43.3in / 75-110cm

: width 4in× length 48in / 10cm ×122cm

: Cotton(outer) ,Synthetic Fabric(inner) ,Velcro tape