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BOKASHI NINGYOU - Doll in flowers - (KIDS: Cotton JINBEI)

BOKASHI NINGYOU - Doll in flowers - (KIDS: Cotton JINBEI)

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Material : 100% cotton
This one is Jinbei (with pants). Pretty dolls are designed on colorful jinbei. Contrast of between bright color and gradational color is impressive. In Japan, March 3rd is Hina Matsuri, or the Doll Festival. In the Heian Period over 1,000 years ago, people of former days used to float dolls down the river. They believed the dolls would carry their impurities away.

Jinbei is a traditional Japanese house wear especially for summer time. It's a pair of Kimono-like tops and a pants and is very much easy-to-wear as no string or Obi are associated with it. Made from very soft cloth you can enjoy it as a pajama or a house wear for your relaxing time.

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