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NOSHI HIME - Little KIMONO Princess - (KIDS: Cotton KIMONO)

NOSHI HIME - Little KIMONO Princess - (KIDS: Cotton KIMONO)

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Material : 100% cotton / satin
NOSHI HIME  has a pattern of a lovely princess is depicted on colorful kimono by "junihitoe"  under cherry blossom and plum blossomThe junihitoe is a typical fusion of Japanese and Chinese culture that shows Japanese sensibility and ingenuity, and it was also the flower of Heian dynasty culture. This kimono features kimono-clad princesses right out of a fairy taleenjoy cherry blossoms graceful. It is inlaid gold color everywhere so that it gives you gorgeous mood.This design is cute and elegant. And, use material is cotton satin. This material is very smooth, soft and good quality than ordinary cotton.

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