Are you wondering which you should choose, Kimono or Yukata

Look and feel of Kimono and Yukata are almost same and  At this shop, you can find the only differences with its length and how its surface is finished. 




Cotton Satin KIMONO

You should choose Kimono if you like it finished at smooth and glossy. You can feel gorgeous but our kimono can be used as bath robe.

Our Kimonos are made from three different materials.

Silk: The most gorgeous and the most comfortable Kimono. This is our proudly product. The silk supplies the highest enjoyment of Kimono life.

100% Cotton: The Kimono made by selected soft cotton. Please enjoy the comfortable feelings and beautiful designs. And you can wash this with a washing machine.

Polyester: Greatly durable type of Kimono. For outdoors, for sports, and for dance event, etc.

Satin Gloss finished




It’s more casual than Kimono. If you want a causal bath robe especially for summer, Yukata is your right choice. 

Our Yukata is made from 100% cotton. It is more casual than general Kimono.

It’s originally made especially for summer as it’s high water absorption, but now many are wearing it for all seasons.

Also you can see this at Japanese hotels as night clothing. By anti-shrink and anti-creases processes, you can wash this with a washing machine, and wear this for a long time.

Matte finished